Gardens & Landscapes

Now, more than ever before, our clients want to create their perfect outside spaces as an integral part of their ideal home projects.

When designing an extension, alterations to your house or even a new build home, it isn’t long before you need to consider what happens when you walk out through your new bifold or sliding doors and in to your garden. Will there be paving slabs, porcelain, decking? If decking, will it be real wood or composite? The choices are endless. It’s wonderful to have so many options but, with options, comes complexity.

As part of our garden design process, once we’ve understood your brief, your likes and dislikes, your past experiences and how you wish to enjoy your garden space going forward, we will suggest a short list of options that will spark your excitement.

As well as the hard landscaping, which may include steps, retaining walls, paths and driveways, there’s soft landscaping to consider. Where will the lawn begin and how far will it extend? Will we have straight or curved edges? How will the planting work? Will there be raised beds? What species will thrive where? If we have trees, we want to ensure they won’t grow too large and block out too much light or become overbearing.

As much as we are landscape architects, we are horticulturalists and, again, once we’ve taken the time to fully understand your likes and dislikes, what colours you’d like to see in your planted areas, whether you’d like a garden that flowers all year round or perhaps one that is super low maintenance, we will design a planting scheme that hits all the right buttons.

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Our team are on hand to discuss your requirements, saving you time and stress and bringing your ideas to life.

Tailored to you

Ensuring that every stage of the project is designed to suit your requirements

You’ll be appointed a single point of contact within the Cherwell team, who will take the time to understand the finest detail and budget of your plan. We will be there to guide you through every stage of the project, answering any query you may have.

Typical garden room features would include:

  • Patios & decking
  • Hard & soft landscaping
  • Planting & lighting schemes
  • Water features

We handle this complex process for you from design to completion – saving you time and stress to bring your ideas to life.

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