Our Mission

Cherwell Design & Build (Oxford) was founded by Carl Drury & Alan Green after having worked with many clients to develop their homes who’d repeatedly said that dealing with one company throughout the entire design and build process would have been an ideal scenario.

They told us that today’s rapid pace of life meant they didn’t have the time or the inclination to keep going out to find the various different professionals required to execute their building project – the architect, the builder, the structural engineer and so on. Finding the right people to work with can be an incredibly time-consuming and frankly stressful part of the process. Finding time to meet and get to know the individuals and the companies behind them, working out which are the right ones to work with etc.

They also told us that having the same partner on board throughout the entire design and build process would mean that the knowledge gained at the design and planning stage would pay dividends come the build and that continuity and partner relationship would make for a smooth running project to completion.

The last thing they told us was that a design and build solution would save them time, stress and money.

After ourselves, our home is the next most important thing in our lives and so if you’re extending, remodelling, improving your home, or indeed building a brand new one, it’s simply got to be right.

We, at Cherwell Design & Build, take the business of building your ideal home very seriously indeed. It’s an incredibly big deal for most of us lucky enough to be able to consider such a project  but we believe the experience should be something that you look forward to with excitement, thoroughly enjoy, look back upon fondly and even want to do it all again some day.

Who We Are

Carl has run a successful architectural practice for many years, which is still very much in operation, overseeing more than 70 residential projects a year. He is vastly experienced in architectural design and planning matters concerning all types of projects: house extensions, renovations, transformations, conversions, listed buildings and new build homes. In his spare time, he is kept busy by his growing family of three young girls.

Alan is an experienced carpenter and general builder. He has worked on all types of buildings and on large and small sites alike. As well as working on the tools, Alan has also been a Contracts Manager on large development sites and is adept at managing teams and coordinating logistics to ensure the right trade and the right materials are in the right place at the right time. A smooth-running project and happy customers is his aim. When he is not working, Alan can be found completing his own large loft conversion, extension and renovation project at his home. He is also a semi-professional ice hockey player.